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LOGON Software Asia

We are leading and innovating in the field of Cyber Security which makes us the cyber sparing partner of choice for major companies, governmental defence entities, academia and industry, in particular for the Operators of Vital Importance. The range of solutions developed by Asteria meets all the challenges of cyber security (analyze, practice, understand). We implement state of the art solutions that scan your applications, glean critical data from across your environment, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate IT security operations. We help implement your IT Asset Management solution that will help save your IT budget, utilize your current IT assets to their fullest potential, powerful reporting to assist with strategic planning, and ensure compliance with corporate, contractual, and regulatory requirements

Our Services

Discover leading cybersecurity solutions for your organization to help identify and reduce risks.

After-Sales Services

LOGON is committed to offering continuous and long term support to our entire range of products. Our support team is trained to provide just-in-time post-sales service from basic usage level queries to paid emergency support engagements and other sales services

Implementation Services

LOGON’s Professional Services team delivers proven and best practices consulting that enables customers to accelerate return on their investment(ROI).LOGON aims to deliver rapid and professional implementation and integration service in every engagement.

Training Services

LOGON provides certified training courses. LOGON’s trainers are experienced and certified with specific qualifications and familiar with our products.These courses are delivered both remotely and on premise.

Best Practices Consulting

Reliable data security is critical to your organization’s success. Our purpose is always the same: To help your organization achieve its mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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