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The Proficiency X-leration Platform (PxP) is a versatile Learning Management System (LMS) with significant applications in cybersecurity, research, medical, pharmaceutical, oil, refinery, power grid operations, stock market, and ports. PxP stands out for its capacity to provide industry-specific training, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations. Its adaptability and comprehensiveness make PxP a vital asset for professional development across diverse industries, enhancing skills, knowledge, and ensuring regulatory adherence.

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Why PXP(LMS) is essential for you?

The PXP provides a valuable medium for learners to access learning materials, videos, attempt online quizzes, and much more at any time and place convenient to them. Below are three reasons why LMS is essential for you:

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Host all material in one location

Give your learners a central place to access all their learning material! You can create a complete training program and determine the order in which content should be presented.

Train learners in their language

We had created this LMS keeping accessibility in mind, so, While you take care of the content, we provide an easy-to-use interface. No distraction, just ideal learning conditions.

Cyber range integration

We have developed a unique feature if you are using our LMS to teach cyber security. You can directly send your students from LMS to labs so they can learn by doing.

Easy to Customize

We offer a customized LMS so that it's recognizable to your learners. You have an entirely custom online training platform from colour and font tweaks to domain mapping.

Personalized report

Whether it's about tracking no. of lessons the student has completed, the marks they have scored, or their progress in the lesson. You can see it all in a personalized report.

Engaged learning

Research has demonstrated that engaging learners in learning to increase their attention, focus and motivation. Thus, we give access to teachers to engage with learners online.

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