Cyber Consulting

Unbiased Cyber Security Consulting

Most consulting firms are biased because they give solutions keeping their product in mind rather than giving the best possible solution.


Cyber security has become a serious concern no matter what sector or industry a company operates in. Technologies developed to facilitate security had become secondary, and cost and ease of user convenience became the primary decision-maker over security. Cybercriminals target this gap to exploit, identify, and attack organisations and individuals. They have the potential to seriously harm an organization's finances, reputation, and computer network. A solid digital foundation & process need to increase opportunity and manage risk, which is responsible for safeguarding the assets they hold, maintaining the services they provide, and incorporating the appropriate level of security into the products & services they sell. Businesses and organisations must understand that they are liable for the consequences if they are the victim of a cyber attack.

We are here to help you

Our primary goal is to protect our clients' networks, technology, and data from the various threats they encounter. At Bhumiitech, we provide technical understanding, intelligence and solutions to allow our clients to benefit from the enormous opportunities the digital economy brings without worrying about cyber threats. We think that every organisation needs to have a robust defence and superior cyber expertise with top-tier engineers. We are aware of the importance of designing, implementing, and reviewing the deployment of current technologies in the best possible manner.

Benefits of working with us
Advice you can trust

We’re pleased to let you know that Bhumiiitech has earned certifications for audit and review, risk assessment, and risk management. Now that we do what we preach, you may choose to work with Bhumiiitech with confidence.

Proper cyber hygiene

Securing your information depends on establishing a strong set of policies, practises, and controls that apply to the internet. Bhumiitech is accredited by Cyber Essentials, and we have qualified consultants who can assist you in obtaining your accreditation. You may be sure that our knowledgeable consultants thoroughly understand international standards because we work with a number of businesses to map their controls.